Monday, September 11, 2017

Cheap DIY Infinity Barrels & Terminals

I saw a bag of wooden spools at the craft store earlier this summer and decided that they would make great barrels for infinity.  The plan was to sticker them with patterns maybe from the containers I printed out and built.

First some primer.

Now I needed some art.  I looked through some downloads of various DIY terrain and found some good candidates.  I opened the PDFs in a graphics program and then scaled the images and cropped them to fit the dimensions I needed.

Here is the PDF I ended up with.  Print page 1 on full-page, peel-and-stick label paper.  Print page 2 on a card stock.
Next step was to paint the parts of the spools that will not be covered by stickers -- the top and bottom edges.  Most got a coat of metallic paint.  Four got brown.

Next I cut out the stickers and applied them.  Plus a special touch for the four I wanted to turn into holo-terminals.

Here are some stills of the final results.

Huge thanks to TommyGun for developing the art I used for most of this.  I tried to reach out to him, but his presence is illusive online.  Best I can do is suggest that if you like the art, check out his paper craft terrain files on this OneDrive folder.

Also a big thanks to Stone Edges... from whom I got the wooden crate art.  I tried to reach out to them as well, but their web site has been down for a while.

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