Thursday, August 31, 2023

Final 2023 Organized Play Ranking

 The 7th CFR Organized Play season is over and despite a new ranking system I think the champion is pretty obvious.  Jason Schultz was the only driver to win more than one event this year.  Jason actually won 3 of the 4 events entered.

Jason's big win was the Ikea Cup event -- a large Table Top Simulator tournament.  But four other drivers won comparable events.  The kicker was winning Divoll -- a tier 2 event in my PBeM series.  This was by far the best 2nd event result by any driver.

Rookie of the Year

C Moratto gets the nod here after placing 4th in Redscape C4 in his first ever Organized Play outing.

Most Improved

Will McConchie made a big jump in his 2nd season in Organized Play.  Capping it off by winning the tier-4 Clark series.  This pushed his ranking to 27th, up 87 spots from last year.

Honorable mention to Tim Baker who jumped 42 spots up to 3rd in the rankings.  The biggest increase among drivers who finished in the top 20 this season.

Steward of the Year

Since I'm only really paying attention to events now, I'm going to hand this to Mr. Polcen.  Michael officially is in charge of two different series of events... the 4-race Redscape Ladder PLUS the Table Top Simulator hosted Ikea Cup event.  And I know Michael would acknowledge that he is mostly a proxy for the wonderful stewards that run various races in those series.  

Thanks to all stewards.