Monday, January 5, 2015

CFR Core Rules Beta

I finally have a first draft of the core rules for Championship Formula Racing.

PDF Here

I'm not sure that this is the right format for the rules.  I am contemplating creating a version that outlines only the core-core rules and pushes exceptions and edge cases off to the back of the rules.  There are a good number of edge cases in this game.

For those familiar with the WBC style rules there will be few surprises.  Perhaps the only two things I added in this draft is a revised grid system that spreads cars out a bit with smaller fields plus I tweaked the tie-breaker roll for pole to allow you to spend skill there as well.

Not a change, but I also came up with a method for using cards to set-up your car at the beginning of the race.  This creates a completely reusable system for car set-up.

If you have any thoughts on this version, either in substance or in clarity, please let me know.