About Lucid Phoenix Games

Lucid Phoenix has been my amateur game imprint since I starting designing my own magic systems for D&D in High School.  Since the internet it became this domain and my default ID in many a location online.

Now I'm anchoring the whole mess with this blog where I'll talk about what I'm playing or thinking about (as long as there is a game tie-in) and what I'm designing or making: be it original or the gamer version of fan fic.

Expect the sporadic as games are still 4th on the priority list behind:
  • my lovely wife -- who is a fan of some games, but would rather wind down with bad TV then a Eurogame
  • my son -- whom I am properly raising as a gamer, but often succumbs to the lure of video games  loses patience with other people's rules (keep quiet in the peanut gallery)
  • earning a living -- cruel, cruel world that does not pay me to play games!

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