Friday, March 3, 2017

Organized Play Update for Championship Formula Racing

Note that the rank change is based on last year,
not earlier this year.
Don went on a tear at PrezCon last weekend.  He won the last 3 races of the tournament including the finals.  Those results moved Don up 3 spots from 5th to 2nd in the race for CFR OP's first champion.

But Doug G still leads the pack by a good bit.  Partially because he picked up some points as well over the weekend, but mostly because his 2 race wins and tournament victory came against larger fields and he got more points for them than Don did at PrezCon.

The PBeM series Doug won included 50 competitors and his races always had 10 cars.  PrezCon was contested by 13 drivers total and races averaged 7 competitors.

Brian DeWitt moved up from 45th to 7th after PrezCon on the strength of 4 podium finishes at the tournament.  Chris Brandt moved from 56th to 9th after 3 podiums including 2nd in the finals.

This will likely be the last big change to the rankings for a while.  The Redscape PBeM tournament is promising to net some huge points after it has completed but there is 1 race and likely 2-3 months left before that happens.  Interestingly, neither Doug G nor Don are in contention for the championship of that series so the results will likely catapult some other driver into contention.  Among the current top 11, Giovanni, myself, Fabio, Randy, Tim, and Michael Polcen are in the top series of that PBeM.

The season is scheduled to conclude after the WBC tournament at the end of July.  But there could be more one-off races and maybe a small tournament or two in the works between now and then.

Remember that if you want to host an Organized Play event, email me at least a month prior.

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  1. Love the rankings, Doug! That last Redscape race at the Glen is going to be a wild one. We are recruiting for the next season to start in May. Email me if you have an interest in racing (