CFR 2017 Solo Series

I've been all over the map in how I report these races... video, photo-logs, text, Google Photos album, combinations of the above... so here's one spot with links to all the races.

Race 1: Yeongam (3 laps) -- Video commentary (43 minutes)
Jackie Stewart pips Vettel across the line at Monza for his
second win in a row to cap his domination of the 1st 3 races.
Fangio, Stewart, and Vettel establish themselves as the top 3 cars in this race with Fangio getting the first checkered flag.  I do poorly.

Race 2: Monte Carlo (4 laps) --  Part 1 & Part 2 (Text commentary with pictures)
Fangio disappoints this race finishing 6th.  Stewart gets his first win of the season.  I recover after last race's 6th with a 2nd place.  Vettel finishes 3rd again.

Race 3: Monza (4 laps) -- Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 (Text commentary with pictures)
Jackie Stewart wins his second in a row and looks unstoppable right now.  Raikkonen picks up a surprise 2nd.  Vettel finishes 3rd for the 3rd race in a row and I finish a disappointing 4th.  Fangio does not finish at all -- one of 3 cars to retire.

Race 4: Oyama (2 laps) -- Video intro and then turn-by-turn report
I bounce back with my first race win and Stewart looks human finishing 7th.  Vettel finishes 2nd and Alonso 3rd.  Fangio 4th.

Race 5: Mexico City (3 laps) -- Four, one hour long videos collected here
Fangio resurrects his title chances with a win.  Vettel picks up another 2nd place.  Mansell finishes 3rd.  Stewart 4th and me 5th.

I emerge from the carnage at Francorchamps with my 2nd win
and claim the Championship lead by 1 pt over Stewart.
Race 6: Francorchamps (3 laps) -- Google Photos turn-by-turn album with commentary
Carnage!  Only half of the cars finished the race as engines failed all over the long straights.  I survive for my second win of the season.  Raikkonen snagged his second 2nd place finish.  Fangio and Vettel did not finish and Stewart ended up 5th after tangling with Hunt in the last corner of the race.  Hunt rounded out the podium.

Race 7: Silverstone (2 laps) -- Pictures, Commentary, and Google Photo album
The majority of cars finished this race.  I was hampered by a poor car build decision but managed to literally force my way past Stewart to extend my lead on the season to 2 points.  Fangio won the race for his 2nd in the last 3 outings and closed the gap on Stewart and I.  Mansell and Rindt rounded out the podium with their best results on the year.

Race 8: Sao Paulo (3 laps) -- Summary and Google Photo Album
The first race win from someone not named Fangio, Stewart, or Schulz as Alonso gaps the field.  I edge out a pack of 3 others for 2nd.  Mansell completes the podium for his 3rd in the last 4 races.  Stewart finished 5th while Fangio and Vettel failed to finish -- which all helps me for the season championship.

I pass Fangio at the beginning of the last lap
of the season and stick him in the corner.
Race 9: Nurburg (2 laps) -- Video Highlights and Google Photo Album
Fangio finds himself in the lead with a damaged engine.  Again.  He gets the win instead of the DNF and sets up the duel at Mogyord with me for the championship.  Mansell picks up his 3rd straight podium with 2nd.  Vettel ends his run of DNFs with his 6th podium in 3rd.  I put in my worst result of the season but beat Stewart which makes his title hopes very slim.

Race 10: Mogyorod (4 laps) -- Video Highlights and Google Photo Album
Appropriately the final race came down to Fangio and I battling for the race win.  It ended up being not as dramatic as it could be as I blew past him at the beginning of lap 4, to never really be challenged again.  Jackie Stewart struggled this race and was never in contention.  Vettel picked up his 7th podium (2nd) but those 3 DNFs and no race wins was the difference.  Alonso finished 3rd after Fangio crashed in the final corners in a desperate play to catch me.

Final standings:

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