Wednesday, June 5, 2024

2024 Organized Play Update

 I've finally done some data entry for this season of Organized Play... here are the top 10 with ~2 events to go.  (Full list here.)

The top 3 is a murders row of the winners of the past 5 OP titles.  Don leads currently but he should not feel very comfortable with that lead.

The two remaining events to score are my PBeM serieses and the WBC tournament.  Both are worth big points and Jason has a commanding lead in the top tier of the PBeM.  If he does win that series it will be worth nearly 57 points and would give him just over 91 on the season.  

If we assume Jason wins P1, there will probably still be an opportunity for the top 7 drivers on this list to make up enough points at WBC to end up at the top of the heap.  Assuming a similar turn-out at WBC to last year, the top spot will be worth almost 60 points.  

Of course, WBC will be over before my PBeM so there is also the potential for someone to win WBC and do just enough in their PBeM race to pip Jason (or Don).  Keep an eye on people who could get second in the P1 PBeM series (Jeff Harrington, Gianluca Lari, maybe Tim Mossman, theoretically a couple others) and people who could win or place 2nd in the Divoll and Reilly tier... (Robert Rund, Michael Polcen, Palmiro Matteini, Brent Fitz, and others).  If they win WBC they might have a shot at the title too.

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