Thursday, July 27, 2017

Solo Race #6... Francorchamps

First Corner at Francorchamps -- Vettel and Stewart
lead the field while Raikkonan and I bide our time.
One of my favorite tracks saw a LOT of carnage on the last lap as the long straights took their toll on the field.  Only half of the cars finished!  Which half?

For this race I did a turn-by-turn Google Photo Album as I experiment with every conceivable method of reporting these races.

This is not too different than how I reported Oyama, but its easier for me to do it in Google Photos and also I planned this from the beginning this time.

Also, Google Photos makes it easy to flip through the pics.  If you click on the (i) icon in the top right, my notes will appear (I added notes to most of the slides but not all).

Lost track of the other races in the series?  Check out the page where I link to all the race reports.

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