Tuesday, July 11, 2017

PrezCon Summer Quick Report

 A couple weeks ago 9 drivers showed up in Charlottesville, VA to contest PrezCon Summer's Championship Formula Racing event.  Don Tatum ran his first event with aplomb.

The two qualifying races featured two older European tracks that I developed recently for the Redscape online series but have never been raced live till now.

Race 1 on Friday saw 8 drivers contest Rouen.  Brian DeWitt won the race with Don and Jim Fleckenstein rounding out the podium.  Tim Mossman finished 4th.

Race 2 Saturday morning found 9 drivers at Castellet.  Jim won this one with Tim and Brian rounding out the podium and Don finishing 4th.

After a lunch break, 7 of the drivers returned for the finals battle.  Clearly Jim, Brian, Tim, and Don had established themselves as the class of the field here.

After 3 laps at fan-favorite Austin Jim, Brian, and Tim were 3-wide and prepared for a dash across the finish line -- shown below on the left.  Brian won that duel and claimed the tournament plaque.


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