Monday, February 13, 2017

Championship Formula Racing Organized Play Rankings Update

A couple of weeks ago I announced CFR's organized play series.  What I did not mention at the time is that the premiere season of CFR OP is already underway.  The 2017 season will end with this summer's World Boardgaming Championships at the end of July.  Which means we are already months into that season.

So far 64 different drivers have participated in 19 different races.  Although many of those races occurred simultaneously so there have been 7 unique race opportunities so far this season.  Most of the races so far stem from the 3 rounds of my play by mail which ended in January.  There have also been 4, one-off races held this year: 2 PBeMs run under Redscape's banner and two run by me at small conventions in the Washington, DC area.

Enough talk. The PDF of the complete rankings this season so far and the current top-5 below.

Before we talk about how Doug G is leading the 2017 season so far, I'll explain what each column means.
  • Next to the rank is an indication of the change from last seasons rank (yes, I know what each driver's rank would have been last season, I'll talk more about the past in another post).
  • Total points is how each driver is ranked and is the sum of the top 4 adjusted races and top 2 adjusted tourneys.
  • Top 4 adjusted races is the sum of their top 4 race scores, adjusted for competition.  In fact, the next 4 columns enumerate those 4 races.
  • Top 2 adjusted tourneys is the sum of their top 2 tournament scores adjusted for competition.  Like races, those two scores are listed in the next 2 columns.
  • The last 4 fields do not directly count towards the total points but provide some context on the season: races run, races won, avg field rating of races participated in, tournaments participated in, and tournaments won.
If you want to know more about where these numbers come from, I've documented the methodology.

Now lets break down Doug's lead.  So far this season, Doug has participated in only 3 races -- all in my PBeM.  But he won 2 races at the highest level of that PBeM, against stiff competition, and won that tournament.  If you look at Doug's average field rating, you'll see that the competition in those 3 races was 50% tougher then the average race and that is why his 2 race wins garnered him 35 points each -- compare to my 2 race wins which were against more average competition and so generated me 23 and 20 points.  Another big key to Doug's top ranking are the points he got for winning my PBeM.  Otherwise, Gio might be the current top driver as Gio has more points from his top 4 races right now.

There is a lot of racing left to go in this season though.  By the time we wrap this up after WBC, there will have been at least 2 more in-person tournaments as well as the end of Redscape's current PBeM series.  (Note that Redscape's tournament is 2 races in but none of the results appear in the current rankings yet.  They will when the entire tournament comes to an end.)

Stay tuned, I'll update these rankings after every major event.

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