Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rouen Track Iteration

After a couple test laps, I decided that a couple of the straights needed to be a little longer.  The first 3-wide straight was 9 spaces.  Making it 10, means that a 200 top can actually use that straight.  I also added 2 spaces between the Paradia corner (last one on the track) and the start / finish line.  I wanted to give more room for the sprint across the finish line at the end of a race.  To balance the track out I added a space to the straight right before Greisel.

I also went in and ended the 3-wide after the first corner onto D938 (this corner does not really have a name but I've borrowed the name of the road it turns onto).  This required some changes to the next corner and the hairpin.

Here's iteration 2.

After a couple more text laps with more cars, I've decided that there are some places I want to widen the track in order to make passing easier in certain places.  I may also shorten or remove some lines from some corners.

Well, progress is being made.  I'll update again after more testing.

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