Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rouen Design is Done

Apparently when I said I was going to remove some of the racing lines, I meant all of the them.  Lines can be interesting, but it was breaking up the flow of this track -- making it harder to stay with the car next to you through corners.

I also tweaked each the corners I removed lines from.  In the first corner I made the outside lane 120 to match the middle lane -- again giving drivers more options.  In the second corner I made the outside lane 120 -- again making each lane more valid.  I also thinned the track here -- more in keeping with what I think makes sense in this part of the track.  Corners 4 and 5, I made 80 in both the inside and outside lanes.  This still makes the inside lane best, but makes it easier to pass people going through the corner without a line.

I widened a couple of places.  The two spaces after Samson is now 3 wide to make it easier to run that corner with speed without worrying about the cars in front of you.  Later I also made D132 3-wide -- providing the same benefit in that corner.  I also made the 3-wide part of Gresil extend a space more into the corner.  Now the last row completely lines up so you could switch lanes in that last row, although I doubt that will come up much.

I added a space between the final two corners.  By separating them more I wanted to make it harder for a car without wear to easily run both at the end of a race.  Hopefully also making it easier for a late charging car with wear to make up ground.

But the biggest change was at Nouveau Monde.


The corner remained 3-wide as did the two rows before and a single row after.  But the corner itself changed.  The entrance is no longer staggered and I the outside lane is now 60 which makes it less then terrible -- not great but not terrible.  The inside is still the best way through the corner, but its now easier to catch people here.

I'm happy with how this track turned out and look forward to seeing it tested in earnest soon.  Now I just need to clean it up and polish it.

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