Monday, March 27, 2023

WBC 2023 Tracks


I expect someone to get angry here in the finals.

WBC steward Chris Long has picked some tracks for this year's WBC event.

A nice mix of tracks below.  The first group are some real classics -- three of the most raced tracks in F1 history.  Group 2 is a collection of fan favorite modern era tracks.  Then the last grouping includes 2 tracks never used in WBC qualifying before -- Kent which is a new design and Indy which made it's WBC debut as last year's finals track.  

This year's finals is another brand new to WBC track -- Midrand, also known as Kyalami.  

Good luck all.

Q1 Red

Q2 Purple

Q3 Green



  1. Is there a schedule of what days and times the CFR races will be at WBC 2023?

    --Garry K

    1. Heat 1: Thursday @ 3:00
      Heat 2: Friday @ 1:00
      Heat 3: Saturday @ 1:00
      Final: Sunday @ 9:00am