Friday, October 2, 2020

2020 CFR Organized Play Ends

The 2020 season is complete... and what a season it was.

COVID cut short some in-person opportunities including the end of the San Marino season.  This is why no San Marino races are counted towards this season.  It also emphasized the value in PBeM's and prompted Redscape to experiment with Table Top Simulator which spawned a new tournament.

But you all are here to find out who won the title... 
Don Tatum
For his second consecutive title.  But this one was much closer than last year's romp.  Going into the final race of the year, Don was behind Bill Worrell who had dominated this season in Detroit.  And Don spent the majority of that last race in the back of the field with Tim Mossman threatening to win the P1 series as well.  Late in the race Tim's dice failed him and he DNFed.  That guaranteed Don the P1 title and those 62 pts put him 17 clear of Bill.  Interesting Rando ended up 2nd on the season after gaining 8 pts for his finish in P1.  Bill a close 3rd.

Great season everyone.  A few other awards:

Rookie of the Year:
Mickey Akins
Mickey won 2 races in his first season in Organized Play and finished ranked 16th.  Honorable mention to Tim "Kay" Klepaczyk who also won a race in his first season of Organized Play and finished with a rank of 30th.

Most Improved:
James Benham

James was ranked 103rd last year as a rookie.   He won 6 races this year and finished ranked 13th.  Honorable mentions to Brent Fitz who won 2 races in his 2nd season and moved up from 98th to 31st (67 spots); Mark Moellering who moved up from 97th to 33rd (64 spots) in his second season; and Kathryn Harley who moved up 52 spots in her 3rd season from 140 to 88.

Steward of the Year:
Michael Polcen
Redscape really pivoted nicely to Table Top Simulator this summer and have kept it up with a new TTS season this fall.  This is the second time Michael has been named steward of the year.

The 2021 season.

Quick preview that scoring is going to change a for 2021.  Don't panic, it is not earth shattering but I hope to address concerns I've had about my old system.  I'll have more to say about that soon.


  1. Thanks for the update, Doug... and for all your efforts. Don is really tough and I expect he'll be near the top for the forseeable future. But with all the new people joining and excelling, like Stephen Peeples, I don't think anybody is a shoo-in going forward.

  2. Thanks so much for the accolades, Doug. I couldn't have done it without the cadre of volunteers to host the races: Will Kennard, Tim Baker, Jack Beckman, and Chris Long. Also, thanks to Will for running the first experiment and Jerome Weisen for sharing his TTS expertise & taking time out to train all of us on the program. A 2021 spring series is in the works...

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Chris! You got me started at PrezCon, Feb 2018

    Congratulations Don! You are very frustrating to race against.

    I'm thrilled to be on the top 10 page. Thanks to all the stewards and to Doug for making this all happen. Race on!

  4. Congratulations, Don! Best wishes for continued success to Mickey and James! And congratulations to everyone who participated. Thanks to you, Doug, for all you do. Michael, congratulations and your TTS games are great!

  5. Congratulations to all! Don, it's always a pleasure playing with you and watching you work. Chris, thanks for getting me started at PREZCON. Michael, thanks for getting the TTS option up and running.

    And, Doug, many thanks to you for making the whole thing work!