Thursday, January 26, 2017

Championship Formula Racing Organized Play Begins

CFR Organized Play is a way to publicize CFR races and crown an annual CFR champion.

In short, any CFR race using official rules, that is publicized in advance, and whose results are reported to me may be part of CFR Organized Play.  If you already run CFR races or would like to, check out more information and race result forms.

Participants in qualified CFR OP races will be ranked and a trophy will be awarded each year to the best driver.  You can read detailed information on how the ranking methodology.

A list of known and possible CFR OP races can be found on the calendar which can be found on this blog and also here.

I also plan to publish reports from CFR OP races as I am able on this blog and in emails.

At this time Jolly Roger and Ultra Pro are not officially involved in CFR OP, but I have discussed it with them, taken input, and hope that they will become involved in some way in the future.

More to come and thanks to everyone who helped make this possible, especially Jim Dietz, Chris Long, Chris Brandt, and Mike Polcen who all helped vet the details.

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  1. Awesome to hear Doug! Hope I can make at least one of them this year!