Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Silverstone 2010 to be Raced at Congress of Gamers

I want to do something a little different this weekend and run an odd, one-off F1 track.  The 2010 F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone used the modern layout but the previous year's start/finish line (PDF track map)... something I've never run before in CFR.

In 2010 a good chunk of Silverstone was redone but the new pit area was not complete so they ran the race using the old pits and start/finish line.  The modern version of Silverstone was not run using its existing start/finish line until 2011.

If that sounds fun or you don't care about the track and just want to race, come by Congress of Gamers in Rockville, MD on Saturday.  The race will be at 10:30 AM Saturday September 24th.  CoG is a great deal.  If you pre-register you can go both days for $20 and its not much more at the door.  Kids 16 or under are just $5.

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