UFO Racing League

With no gravity (usually), no friction, and no dice you must rely on your regenerative pulse drive, quick wits, and understanding of thrust and momentum to navigate your racer through three-dimensional tracks and beat the competition to the finish line.  Or you can ram the other racers into the nearest bulkhead.

U.F.O. Racing League is a racing game for 2-6 players that uses a unique momentum and 3-dimensional movement system.  The game is very strategic and allows for multiple strategies.  Option cards and modular race tracks increase the game's replay value.

For 2-6 Players, 10+ Years Old; Plays in 45 to 90 Minutes.

I've started a series of walk-throughs for the game:
  1. Basic Movement
  2. The Battery
  3. The Tracks

All of my posts about the game can be found in the archive.

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