Thursday, June 1, 2017

Infinity Miniatures Painting: Geckos, Mobile Brigada, and Alguacil

Time for a check to see how the Infinity painting is going.  I've actually made a ton of progress because I took a week off between an old job and a new job and a good bit of painting got done.  But Michael still had school to go to so basing is falling behind.

However, here was our first batch of Nomads.  I asked for less green for this group of figures but Michael got creative with razor wire.  He said that the Gecko here walked through some and is busy unwrapping his legs.

Again, painting by me and basing by Michael.  Here are my notes from our first batch.  The first group of photos are using my foam 'rocks' as a background, the second group are using my basic trees as a background.

GECKO SQUADRON (w/ razor wire)

GECKO SQUADRON (covered with ash... probably from something he blew up)


AGUACIL (two of them... failed to get a good pic of the third in two tries...)

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