Friday, November 17, 2017

Forced Passing Explanation

Mail Bag:

Hi Doug, 
I really enjoy CFR but I was wondering if you would be kind enough to explain forced passes to me? ...  
Thanks Levi!  I will try...

I thought of this later, but in the scenario at the end of that video where the car paid 2 wear and a chance for the corner but was then forced to slow to 140 because the forced pass failed... the Tyrrell can stay at 140 for the rest of the corner but can not accelerate again inside the corner.  Even though it paid for that speed earlier, the fact that the car was forced to late brake inside the corner resets that.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Infinity Battle Report -- Chimera Part II, the Deal

Michael and I got another game of Infinity in recently on my new table.

The story from last mission continued.  This is a custom story I made up.  Part 1 involved investigating the crash site of an illegal shipment of unknown origin.  Part 2 involved breaking up the sale of those goods.  Points were available for investigating any immobile or unconscious or dead member of the deal (more points for the seller than the buyer).  Points were also available for being next to a immobile or unconscious member of the deal at the end of the game or for dragging one back to your deployment zone.  Any of those points not claimed by the end of the game went to player with more points in units still on the table... that person also got some points.

Michael kept his PanO list the same as last time, because he crushed me last time so why not.  One change I gave him was to switch out his Fusilier Paramedic for a Fusilier Forward Observer because Flash Pulse could stun the buyer and seller for investigation.

After the beating I took last time out, my list underwent some changes.  Again, we aren't using hacking and some of the other more involved rules.  But that said, I wanted to have as much out there that might be able to dent the Jotum -- Gecko w/ Blitzen, Sin-Eater with MULTI Sniper, Kriza Borac with MULTI Rifle.  Besides being able to play with my new Kriza I added my new Hellcat to the group as part of a plan -- stun the buyer then drop down near him for the search and possible extraction.  Also... I promoted the Alguacil that did something last game to Lieutenant with the intention of keeping her in the back maybe guarding someone's back.

Below, Michael and I take breaks between moves to talk about how it went.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Solo Race #10: Season Finale at Mogyrod

Below is my new-fangled stitching together of video commentary and stills from every turn.

If you want to step through each turn in the race at your pace including the video commentary, see the Google Album.

Links to the rest of the series can be found on the series page.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

DIY Infinity Terrain -- City Edition

I decided to build a city terrain table with found items and some Do It Yourself.

Before / After pics.

Video tour of the end result.

Previously in DIY Infinity Terrain:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Infinity Battle Report -- Chimera

Michael and I got a good battle in recently.  We decided to pair down our lists to 200 points and try to use as vanilla a set of guys as we could field.  So our lists include very few odd or complicated skills.  We are obviously also not using any advanced rules and are still very much learning how to do this.

Michael's PanO army is largely based around the Jotum.  Jotum is the lieutenant for an extra order and can also push some buttons with the crabbot.  The Dronbot is there to provide some AROs.  Trauma-Doc and Palbot are mostly there for button pushing.  Two Akal Commandos give this list some element of surprise.  Michael really likes AD: Combat Jump.  The Fusilier is there to round out the team with an extra order that can push a button if she has to.

My Nomad army is based around using the Sin-Eater and Grenzer to lock down some lanes with great ARO capability.  Let the Gecko and Mobile Brigada make room for the Alguacil paramedics to go push buttons.  If I have to the Gecko Pilot can jump out and push buttons as well.

The mission is one I came up with myself, I describe it a little at the beginning of the video but here is a PDF mission description as well.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Solo Race #9: Nurburg

I tried something a little new for this race.  I took photos but also recorded short videos periodically through the race... here is the result all stitched together into 18 minutes of video!

If you want to step through each turn in the race at your pace including the video commentary, see the Google Album.

Links to the rest of the series can be found on the series page.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Congress of Gamers Fall 2017 Post Race Report

Turn 1 sees 5 cars lining up for Eau Rouge.
Michael and Tim in front.
Eight cars pulled up to the start grid in Rockville Saturday at Congress of Gamers Fall.  I typically build a track revision for this race and this year we ran an old version (1983 vintage) of Francorchamps.  See my previous post for details on that track.

On the right you can see the results of turn 1 in the race.  Michael Schulz is in the lead after starting outside row 1 and out-gunning Don Tatum from there.  Tim Mossman moved up from row 2 after pushing his start speed to pull even with Michael.  Don, Will Kennard, and Kevin Keller filled out that large 1st group.  I'm in the white car in the middle distance while Dave Nace and Joe Powell bring up the rear.  The 3 of us started in the last 3 rows.

The 5 cars in front pushed through Eau Rouge and down into Les Combes as a pack.  But I had gained contact with the pack by then and Dave and Joe were not far behind. 

Below you can see the result of the field thinning out as we enter the mid-field section.  Michael spent some wear to take the lead again.  Don pulled up even with Tim while the rest of us held position.

Michael, Tim, Don Will, Kevin, me... into the mid-field.

Almost the end of lap 1 and Kevin joins Don
and Michael at the pointy end after Tim's spin.
Nothing too exciting happens the rest of lap 1 until the leaders make their way through the old Bus Stop Chicane.  Tim took the corner for 2 wear and a chance roll for what he is convinced would have given him the eventual win.  He spun despite spending 2 skill.

Kevin and Don ended up catching up to Michael as they exit the Bus Stop -- 3-wide heading into La Source.  Pretty much everyone ends up passing Tim as a result of his spin.  You can see Tim in 7th here.

As we began the 2nd and last lap of the race a couple turns later, I jumped out of my car and rookie Anna Pisto jumped in to finish the race -- waving off many of my suggestions as she went.

Through Eau Rouge again and down to Les Combes for the last time, Anna has pulled the white Tyrell into the lead pack just behind Kevin.  Don and Michael are still right behind Kevin as well but Kevin has more wear than anyone right behind him and already seems to have the race in hand.

I forgot to take pictures after this... Michael made a chance roll here.

By the time the cars have rounded Pouhon.  Kevin and Don are back out in front of the field.  Michael has damaged his car and makes a chance in Pouhon but pulls off instead of crashing in Fagnes.  Anna has some wear left but will come up short of 2nd after a couple missed die rolls.

Will pulls back into 4th and Tim falls back to 8th.  Kevin wins and Don gets 2nd.

Final Track Thoughts
Because this was a new track effectively, I wanted to talk about it.  I love it.  I've always liked Francorchamps -- maybe more than some -- but I like this version the best.

Starting at the beginning of the long back straight was a lot of fun.  Getting 5 cars through Eau Rouge is super interesting with all of the lines and slips and choices.  And we had a bunch going into that corner on lap 2 as well because the old La Source profile is wider and has a higher line that makes it a lot less of a bottle-neck than the modern version of that corner.

6 cars getting through La Source at the end of lap 1!
I will say that I like the modern Bus Stop better than the old one.  I love the modern bus stop.  But the old bus stop is not bad, it just is not as interesting.

All in all, the track became a lot less of a race from the front leaner.  It became very hard to pull away and I definitely think I will see people run this successfully from the back.  I can't wait to get this out into the wild more.